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Artisan Granola, Made with Love

Looking for the perfect snack that is healthy and tasty?
One you can feel good about grabbing?

You are in the right place! Our granola was created out of living with super busy kids and no “good for you” foods they could eat that were nutritious, tasty, and give them energy. After a year of trial and error (and ok, a lot of really bad granola), the formula was perfected. 

We are more than granola.  We believe that food is love.  Our blog is dedicated to creating a roadmap for healthy food you actually want to eat.  Beautifully prepared. Easy to make. With a sprinkle of ways to use granola spanning from breakfast bread to end of the day dessert. 

We want you to live a life of optimum health.  Everything we do is with you in mind and dedicated to provide you the healthy “fuel” that supports you in a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

This artisan granola is gluten-free—fabulous tasting and healthy for you.  Individually packaged so that you can enjoy some delicious food you can carry with you wherever your journey takes you each day.

Our customers call our granola a hug in a bowl.  Ready for yours?

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Uniquely Delicious

"Wow! Seriously, some of the best granola I’ve ever had."


"Tastes like a hug in a bowl!"


"It’s delicious—my family really loves your granola."


"Your granola is the best."


"The Ginger Spiced tastes like Christmas morning!"


Pat's Granola Yogurt Parfait