Bring On The Ice Cream

Ice cream shouts summertime. Cones, dishes, splits, sundaes, pops, bars, shakes, ice cream sodas and sandwiches. Take your pick. Everyone seems to have a favorite flavor. 

Berry shakes made with fresh local fruit and ice cream are the best!

This guy likes the ice cream from Tremont Scoops in Cleveland.

On the hottest days, ice cream can turn even the crankiest adults into happy kids. Standing in line at the ice cream truck, at a local stand or ice cream shop trying to decide which flavor from a dizzying array of choices. Smiles all the way around!

Delicious decisions at Vanderwende Farm Creamery in Delaware.

How about an ice cream cookie sandwich?

Homemade ice cream sandwiches are a special treat. These are cowboy cookies made with Pat’s Granola. Make a “sandwich” with your favorite ice cream between two cookies and freeze until firm—a ready to eat treat! Kids, big and little, love these.

Sometimes, a dish of Mitchell's ice cream sprinkled with a little granola is perfect.

While visiting family in Virginia during Thanksgiving, I discovered Lil City Creamery, a tiny ice cream shop in Falls Church that makes a very unique ice cream called Steam Oil. It was exceptional.

My sister has her own specific views on ice cream.

“I never liked butter pecan or any mint flavored ice cream. I’ve always liked chocolate. Plain chocolate. I remember going to Carvel when we were young and the lines in the summer were very long. I liked their ice cream cakes when there was actual cake 🎂  in them. The ice cream cone I had at your house rolled in granola was a game changer for me. I enjoy ice cream all by itself! No sundae or split or shake. Just ice cream in a bowl or on a cone.”


And, how about gelato?

This post wouldn’t be complete without giving a shoutout to gelato. My favorite gelato is made at Vero Pizza in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Simply dreamy.

And your favorite flavor is...?

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