When the fall season rolls around and apples start to see their way into the local farmers markets, I breathe a sigh of happiness. I love learning about the differences of each variety from local farms that bring their foods to the weekly markets. Whether the apples are best for baking, juicing, cooking or just eaten out of hand, I marvel at their colors, hues and taste. 

My Mom occasionally baked apples which was such a treat. I liked them right out of oven when the skins started to crinkle and the texture started to soften into a warm puddle of flavors—cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, brown sugar and a drizzle of honey. Some of the same spices I use in Pat’s Granola. 

The Rittman Orchards stand at NorthUnion Farmers Market in Shaker Square, Shaker Heights, Ohio is always a favorite stop. Inevitably I’ll take just one or two reusable canvas market bags to shop, but quickly learned to tuck an additional bag in my purse, just in case I see something that must be brought home and enjoyed. I’ve never been disappointed by these finds. 

I’ll soon be making a pan of baked apples to celebrate fall and Mom. ❤️

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Nicole Respert

I love Pat’s Granola. The flavor is delicious, not too sweet. The nuts are whole and perfectly toasted. So good in yogurt or even by itself. I’m glad I bought 4 bags. Worth every penny!!! Yummmm!!

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