Are Three Meals a Day Still the Norm?

I grew up eating three meals a day, for which I'm eternally grateful. Our meals were simple and delicious, and usually included food from our garden or fish which Dad caught during the summer. Dinner  occasionally included unexpected guests for whom we all squeezed in another chair around the table to make room. We packed our lunches and rarely ate between meals. Although, I loved visiting the neighborhood candy store and buying penny candy when my Dad went to pick up a newspaper. We never told Mom!

Today, I'm leaning toward smaller meals eaten over the course of a day. This year has altered how we eat and some of what we eat. The shift of more people working and schooling from home has also changed what traditional mealtime looks like. 

My sister picks it up from here...

Since so many of us have been at home during these past few months, the way we have eaten has changed. I am not one to like to eat appetizers before dinner. While growing up my mother never served an appetizer before dinner, even on Thanksgiving. My mother in law always served elaborate appetizers before dinner to accompany family having something to nibble on with drinks. This would go on for approximately two hours. By the time dinner was served, no one was that hungry. 

When Pat and I started preparing and serving a family Thanksgiving dinner we decided to make a grazing board which included an assortment of hard and soft cheeses, ripe seasonal fruits, various thinly sliced salami and prosciutto, Pat’s Granola, almonds or walnuts (we’d change it up every year). We would put this out around 1-2 in the afternoon so our family could lightly snack before the big turkey dinner. We always served a large breakfast on these days.
Recently I met a new friend who makes fabulous charcuterie boards. She made me a board which was beautifully packaged in a box and it was so delicious: smoked Gouda and Brie cheeses, grapes, blueberries, blackberries, salami, prosciutto, dates, apricots, cornichons, olives, berry jam, and crackers! Wow! 

People have kids home all day and they are always hungry. I have another friend that has five teenagers at home. I ran into her in the supermarket recently and she was loading her cart up with various lunch meats, chips, apples, raisins and mini carrots. She told me she is serving food all day long! I suggested making a LARGE food board which she could leave on her kitchen counter all day; I thought was going to hug me (which we couldn’t do because of COVID)!
I love the idea of making a board and having it available for lunch or dinner with little bits of delicious bites of food. Such a wonderful idea. 


Susans quickies (refrigerator pickles) are a good addition to a meal board.
I’ve extended the board/tray idea to breakfast or brunch by adding bowls of granola, fresh fruits, nuts, yogurt, cottage cheese, nut butters and jams.


Easy does the meal. It’s a terrific way to serve yourself or your family. 


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