Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

I am just an “OK”cookie baker, however, I do have a few favorites that are staples in our family. Chocolate chip, hands down, are usually what I bake. I first learned to make these as a child following the toll house cookie recipe that my Mother used on the back of the Nestles semi-sweet chocolate morsels bag. She never deviated from the recipe and they always turned out perfectly delicious.

Sugar cookies are another favorite, especially with sparkly sprinkles. 

My sister is a far better baker than me and has hosted a holiday cookie exchange in her neighborhood several times which always brings out some of the most delicious cookies. 

Monster chocolate chip, peanut butter chip and Snickerdoodles

Susans cookies are delicious and always a treat. She frequently bakes a batch or two to share with her colleagues at the school where she teaches. 


I marvel at holiday cookie tables that offer a variety of sweet treats. Some of these cookies are traditional family recipes that are passed down through generations. Friends of mine have shared that the elders in their families share secrets and often elaborate techniques for cookie making. These family gatherings are recalled with smiles and fond memories.

 What are your favorite cookies? Please do share. 😊

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Great cookie post! Thank you for featuring my cookies!❤️

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