How Does Susans Garden Grow?

Guest Post by Susan Spellman

The cover photo is grape hyacinths which grow in Susans yard.

Last year I had a small garden. I grew cherry tomatoes, mini sweet peppers, cucumbers, basil, cilantro and thyme. I was very successful with my cucumbers. I got a good yield from just one plant. 

About three weeks ago on a warm day, I ventured out into my yard to do a big spring cleanup. Raked out the flower beds and did some weeding. This was in anticipation of having mulch laid in late March.
At the same time I started my seedlings in my house. I planted cucumbers, two types of cherry tomatoes, multicolor carrots and regular carrots. I also started storing empty egg shells from my baking which I crushed and kept in a jar. These crushed shells will be used when I move the seedlings outside into their pot. I bought tiny already established plants from the nursery: spinach, romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce and butter lettuce, spearmint, lemon balm, and basil. These were planted in a raised planter which I move from my porch at night and into my yard daily to get as much sun as possible. My friend Maria supplied me with strawberry plants which I put in the ground and covered and netted. This is my first time growing strawberries! Very excited about this! I have some pesky rabbits and squirrels that love produce so the netting helps. 

Two weeks later, my seeds have sprouted and we already have enough salad greens to enjoy for dinner tonight. I will move my seedlings outside once the nighttime temps are warm enough, probably in 3 weeks. 
Our Dad always had a wonderful garden at the house we grew up in. Lots of tomatoes! Every day I anxiously check my plants to see how they are doing. Can’t wait to eat the fresh cucumbers and tomatoes with fresh herbs 🌿 
Rewarded with fresh spinach for a show stopping dinner salad!

Thank you Susan! I am sharing a community garden plot with my neighbor this season and we will be working out there come May. There'll definitely be tomatoes, some herbs, and perhaps sweet peppers...I haven't completely decided what to plant.


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