A Summertime of Ice Cream

Ice cream sandwiches
I love ice cream all year long—doesn’t even matter how cold the outside temperature is. Homemade ice cream is my favorite treat; however, ice cream from a roadside stand in summer, especially the custard style, is a close second. 

Peanut Butter Pat’s GranolaIce cream cone topped with Peanut Butter Pat's Granola

I learned to make ice cream in an old fashioned crank style ice cream maker. I was probably a preteen. The rule was whoever turned the crank got to enjoy the dasher (which was the best part). Cranking took real elbow grease as the custard cream turned from a silky mixture to a soft frozen delight. It was the best part of summer.

Living in Cleveland these past few years, I’ve experienced Mitchell’s, Jeni’s, Graeters, Pierre’s, Tremont Scoops, Honey Hut, East Coast Custard and countless ice cream stand varieties I encounter as I travel in northeast Ohio. Vanilla is my go to flavor, with an occasional chocolate and vanilla twist on a wafer cone. Some specialty seasonal flavors catch my eye and I’ll ask for a taste before deciding if I want to splurge on a full cone. 

Mitchell’s Ice Cream Cleveland

At home, I make ice cream sundaes topped with granola, locally grown fruits, nuts and maybe a drizzle of honey.  An indulgence that is worth every calorie!

Pat’s Granola Ice Cream Sundae

This summer I’ve made homemade smoothie ice pops with fresh strawberries that I picked from Rittman Orchards in Doylestown, OH. 

Fresh strawberries

Since I make smoothies for breakfast, I simply save some and pour into pop molds which are a welcome treat on the hottest of days.


Smoothie Pops

Tempted to make your own ice cream. Check out these recipes: 49 Best Make Your Own Ice Creams

Where the Ice Cream Cones at Dairy Queen and Mister Softee Come From



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