Morning coffee break

a mid-morning snack with a cup of coffee drunk during a short break at work, or in your house, when you might invite someone in
Morning coffee is a ritual for me. Up early, grind the beans and prepare a French press brew as I ease into the day. Mornings are usually the quietest time of my day allowing me to think, reflect, give thanks and plan. And, I rarely drink coffee past 10 a.m. unless a kind colleague texts “doing a coffee run—can I get you coffee, latte or cappuccino” which is tough to say no to. For me, this simple act is more about the socialization of having coffee with another person which I truly enjoy and don’t always get the opportunity to do. 
Working full-time and running a small business is definitely a balancing act (and not for the faint of heart) that requires deft time management, attention to endless details, a sense of humor, taking small necessary timeouts, and pushing past any self-limiting beliefs that whizz by my very busy brain. 
Bring back coffee breaks, please! 

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