My Not So Summer Vacation

The one who began a good work in you will carry it on until it is completed. Philippians 1:16

This has been a summer like no other. I've been tending a small container garden in the cooler hours of the morning before starting my workday, sometimes with a berry smoothie. An unexpected guest named Zorro has been keeping me company. He's my neighbors cat who has now become a regular visitor on my front porch. Cats are funny creatures. Having grown up with the likes of Jefferson, Simba, Tom and Fluffy--all special in their own right, I do miss having my own cat. This is the next best thing.

Zorro is unlike any other cat I've known. Part Maine Coon cat, he likes to be petted and I mean real petting, not just a few gentle pets on the head. He really leans in and will actually take his paw to my hand when he feels I'm not petting him enough. And that includes belly rubs and gentle taps on his back. This cat has given me a sense of peace in a very confusing and challenging time. 

Ever the optimist, I pressed on through the summer, albeit at times with moments of sadness, frustration and anger about things which I couldn't control. COVID has taken the lives of people I love and people whom other people love. My family, friends, customers and businesses which I'm fortunate to have in my life were lifelines. We are paddling in much the same boat and just trying to stay afloat. I am supremely grateful.

I'm blessed to have had a few wonderful experiences this summer including:

  • A marketing collaboration with Hartzler Dairy
  • New retail stockist with Rittman Orchards and Farm Market
  • Taking over the Instagram page of Shopifys Chief Operating Officer, Harley Finkelstein
  • Participating in an exclusive snack box giveaway by black food founders in collaboration with Good Food Brands
  • Inclusion in Locle Box, a custom collection of foods made in Ohio
  • A live television segment on New Day Cleveland (my second appearance) filmed in my living room
  • Host of The Real CLE Food Experience podcast (available on Spotify, Anchor, iHeartRadio, Google, Apple and other streaming services)






As this world continues to turn, I'm reminded of my friend Helen who always said to "just paint YOUR corner of the world brighter so that people can see it." She's right. 

Sending all of you a virtual 🤗 as we navigate our way into fall and beyond. ❤️


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