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What are some of the most favorite blog posts people have read and enjoyed? Inquiring minds wants to know.

Here are four, and in no particular order.

The Five Holiday Dishes I'm Making Now

Update: I decided this year that I'd cook whatever dishes bring me and my family the most joy. Thanksgiving is one of those "big meal" days that shouldn't be celebrated just for one day, in my humble opinion. And whether the birds are cooked in the oven or on the grill, we are grateful to be able to enjoy these foods year round.

 Oven roasted chicken and herbed potatoes

My Longer Table

Update: My Cleveland foodie family is an unexpected gift. As a member of the NEO Foodies as well as the NEO Foodies Cookbook Club, I've been able to meet and become friends with an exceptional group of people. We cook together, share recipes, techniques and have been known to go on foodie adventures. The Cookbook Club is about to celebrate its five year anniversary and I owe a great of its success to my friend Wendy who organizes the monthly dinners and coordinates our cookbook feasts.

November NEO Foodie Cookbook Club dinner

Coffee Is So Very Tony

Update: Tony continues to be a Pat's Granola customer, and I am his customer. Whenever I stop in (and have time), I'll sit and enjoy a cup of coffee by the window which is my little getaway. Recently, I dropped off a delivery of granola and Tony and I were able to visit (in between him taking care of customers) and just talk. I took home some of his delicious roasted coffee beans feeling just a little bit brighter for having a friend like him. We are strangers who became friends, over coffee. For this, I am very grateful. 

Coffee at Troubadour Coffee

 Dreaming of Moms Biscuits

Update: While I don't consider myself a skilled bread baker, I do make biscuits, cornbread and Parker House rolls. I continue to perfect biscuit making and am in awe of my friend Shawnda, owner of The Roaming Biscuit on Superior Avenue in Cleveland. Her biscuits are dreamy and we love visiting her and staff at The Bakery Shop Cafe, which is now home of The Roaming Biscuit. In addition to biscuits, she offers sandwiches, salads, beverages and sells locally made products, including Pat's Granola.

Buttermilk Biscuits

 And just in time for the holidays...

Grandma Gert Would Be Proud

Update: I asked Wendy to submit a column around this time last year and she wrote lovingly about her Grandmother Gertrude. Most recently, I enjoyed dinner at Wendys home and she continues to share how she learned to cook from her beloved Grandmother, as well as her Dad. Wendy is an excellent cook, gracious hostess and we have become good friend since I moved to Cleveland. And this year, my sister Susan finally met Wendy… a gift, indeed. 

Susan, Wendy and Me

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