School Days Are Not Only for Kids

Back to school is not just for kids! Teachers and personnel working in education are prepping curriculum, classrooms, transportation, facilities and after school activities to get the school year off to a good start. Shoutout to the people who work with our children and welcome them back to school each year!

The new school year usually began right after Labor Day in New York where I grew up. Late August was a time to return to a “school year” routine of reasonable bedtimes, picking up school supplies, new shoes and a lunchbox. My Mom packed our lunches, including her own, which always included a large Thermos of hot coffee. My sister and I were brownbagging healthy lunches before it became chic!

Some of my fondest memories were the “special” lunches Mom packed on days when we had school trips. It was her way of saying “thinking of you” while we were away from school for the day.

These days I’m packing my lunch mostly to save time and guarantee that I’ll have something tasty and healthy to enjoy (mason jar salads, Pat’s Granola, locally grown fruit, yogurt—sometimes leftovers from last nights dinner) at whatever time I happen to take a lunch break. Whenever possible, I’ll sit on my favorite bench along Lake Erie and take lunch al fresco. Life on the Lake is a marvel and almost meditative. It takes my simple meal to a whole new level. 😊


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