Sweet Potato Corn Bread

Adding mashed sweet potatoes to cornbread is probably my familys favorite way to enjoy cornbread. The sweet potatoes add moistness and a tender crumb to the bread. This is so good, it doesn't need butter, however, a slather of sweet butter makes it even more delicious.

Cleveland Grown Sweet Potatoes

These are freshly dug locally grown sweet potatoes. The flavor is like nothing else I've ever tasted.

I usually make cornbread in a 8x8 glass baking dish so I can see the bread browning. The recipe also works well as a muffin.

Sweet Potato Cornbread

Sweet Potato Cornbread

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My favorite suggestion in the link is the after Thanksgiving meal: Spread mashed sweet potatoes on toasted corn muffins or rolls, top with leftover turkey and cranberry sauce for one delish open faced sandwich.

Got a favorite Thanksgiving recipe to share? We'd love to know!

Whatever you make, make it with love. THAT gift is most appreciated.


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