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Inspiration is a funny thing. It sneaks up when you least expect. I was recently asked by a writer who was interviewing me for an article on local makers in the September issue of Cleveland Magazine"how do you get inspired to do what you do?" My answer was I look everywhere. I deliberately choose to notice the smallest things which makes me feel grateful.

Pat’s Granola Inspiration
This wasn't always the case as I rushed through life often attempting to fit 35 hours of activities into a 24-hour day. This hyper-hectic schedule didn't allow me to stop and smell the roses. Literally. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year. I managed what life threw at me.

A young girl no more than ten years old recently asked me how I learned to do what I do. I paused reflectively before answering her. "I've always loved food and paid attention to how it was made so I could make it taste the way I liked." She said "that's all it took?" Wish it were that simple. She then told me "me and my Mom saw my picture in Cleveland Magazine while shopping at Whole Foods. You're an inspiration." Gulp.

How can this shy girl from Queens be an inspiration to a ten year old?

However, with age comes wisdom. I've learned that work and responsibilities will still be there, even if I take a break. 

Ginger Spiced Pat’s Granola

I sat on a Zoom call last week while eating breakfast (muted and video off, of course). During the call a family of robins came to join me on my patio just chirping away. They seemed to react most to all the conversation (especially laughter) on the call. Fascinating to watch and listen to…they clearly have their own language. Provided a few inspirational moments that helped me "break through" an important task I couldn't figure out. This turned out to be one of the best Monday mornings I’ve had in a long time.

Valuing the small moments has been key to living a meaningful life. What about you? Tell us what moments you treasure.


Pat Bennett is the founder and President of Pat's Granola, a Cleveland based food and lifestyle company.

Pat's Granola is sold online at and is also available at several Northeast Ohio businesses including:

Troubadour Coffee Roasters

Sports and Spine Physical Therapy

Local Flavors Shoppe

Rittman Orchards and Farm Market

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Locle Box

Made Cleveland

Mister Brisket

Nature's Oasis Lakewood

Happy Cows Group Share Happy Cows Group Share 

The Corner at The Van Aken District The Corner at The Van Aken District

Sweet Bean Candies Sweet Bean Candies


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