Pat Learns to Make Vanilla Sugar

I ordered vanilla pods from my friend Amy Lambermont last year and tucked them away in my spice cabinet. My intention was to make vanilla sugar which my sister Susan raved about. It's now late April and I've finally gotten around to making the sugar, with Susans help.

After watching her make the sugar, which was a simple process, I wished I'd done it sooner.

We used four whole pods, cut into thirds. The pods are then split open lengthwise with a very sharp knife to reveal the actual beans which are tiny. Susan was very precise in how we cut the pods and did the prep. She actually scolded me (gently) a few times when I attempted to deviate from her process!

Scrape the beans off the pod with a sharp knife or the tip of a spoon (I prefer the spoon). Place the beans and cut pods in a jar with two cups of granulated sugar. Cover with a tight fitting lid and give it a shake. We used a small canning jar which comfortably accommodated two cups of sugar.

Place the jar in a dark place. Give it a shake weekly. You can use the vanilla sugar after thirty days, however, the longer you leave the pods in, the more flavorful the sugar becomes. Substitute this sugar when a recipe calls for sugar and vanilla extract.

Susan’s Apple Pie

Sprinkled on this peach pie that my sister Susan made, the lattice glistens beautifully!

Here's Susan and me making homemade marshmallows recently while Zooming. Our friend Pam taught us and another friend Hilary joined the marshmallow making virtual party. I could have dusted the marshmallows in the vanilla sugar...if only I'd made it sooner! :)

Need other ideas? Check this out.

What else can you do with vanilla beans?


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