Why 219,145.5 Is My Lucky Number


219,145.5 are the number of hours in 25 years. That's how long I've been invested in making Pat's Granola. This Mom started making granola in her kitchen to solve a thorny problem: feeding her children who needed the right "fuel" to get through their long school days and participate in after school sports. It isn't easy feeding your family, is it? The kids wanted happy meals so I decided to make them. My way. For them. I remained committed to creating food that would provide optimal energy to support their active and healthy lifestyles.

Taste mattered (they simply wouldn't eat something that didn't taste good) as did the specially selected ingredients and it had to be portable as well as shelf stable. We're still able to check off all these boxes. Pat's Granola is proud to offer food that is fueling the next generation.

As we come to the end of 2020, we remain open for business. In a year like no other, I am determined as ever to keep going. Our retail partners, Troubadour Coffee Roasters, Sports and Spine Physical Therapy, The Local Flavors Shoppe, Rittman Orchards, LOCLE Box, Good Foods Brands, Hudson News at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Marketwagon and MADE Cleveland are local businesses who are our brand champions. Grateful to do business with them; more importantly to call them friends. 

As many of us will celebrate the holidays differently this year, here’s an idea from Martha Stewart that would make a lovely breakfast or brunch idea for you and your loved ones. Yogurt Parfait

Those 219,000+ hours have provided a benchmark for creating a business that is rooted in family, tradition, community and a desire to teach and feed our next generation. I've had the opportunity this year to write more about my many food memories. Some of them have included my twin sister Susan. Thanks for being a part of our food journeys. I'm grateful to be able to do this work.


Pat Bennett is the founder and President of Pat's Granola, a Cleveland based food company. Pat's Granola is sold online at www.patsgranola.com and is also available at several Northeast Ohio businesses including:

Troubadour Coffee Roasters www.troubadourcoffeeroasters.com

Sports and Spine Physical Therapy www.sportspine.com

Local Flavors Shoppe www.localflavors.net

Rittman Orchards and Farm Market www.rittmanorchards.com

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport www.clevelandairport.com

Locle Box www.loclebox.com

Good Foods Brands www.goodfoodbrands.org

Market Wagon Northeast Ohio www.marketwagon.com

Made Cleveland www.madecleveland.com


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