Why Collaborating With Small Business is a Good Thing

Pat’s Granola is proud to collaborate with a number of extraordinary Ohio makers. These small businesses are the heart and soul of northeast Ohio. Each business offers unique products and welcomed partnering as a way to promote mutual interests and extend their collaborative reach in the community, both within and outside of Ohio.

JFetzer Pottery

Pat's Granola and JFetzer Pottery stoneware bowl

KFetzer Pottery Pat’s Granola Mug

I met Jim Fetzer for the first time when I drove out to his Columbus studio from Cleveland to pick up an order of custom stoneware bowls he'd made exclusively for Pat's Granola. Several months prior I'd only spoken to him by telephone and placed an order for a limited number of bowls that I used as holiday gifts for customers. These bowls are perfect for granola, ice cream, chili, soup, stews...even coffee, as one customer shared.

We've since done business a number of times and each opportunity I have to see his work makes me smile. Recently I picked up an order of Pat's Granola coffee mugs and these limited edition beauties are flying off the website. The pieces are sturdy and dishwasher safe. Grateful for this wonderful collaboration with a talented artisan.

Café au Lait in a Pat’s Granola mug

Sweet Bean

Sweet Bean Pear Ginger Spiced Bon Bon

Kristin Barnes, owner of Sweet Bean on East 185 Street in the Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland has handcrafted a line of beautiful and delicious bon bons. Her bright and airy chocolate studio is a delight to visit and you'll have trouble deciding which treat to get. I first met Kristin and her husband at Beachclub Bistro in Euclid a few years ago where they were hosting a chocolate and wine tasting. This was before she opened her shop. I knew her bon bons were special from the first taste and they were exquisitely handcrafted like pieces of jeweled artwork.

Kristin created an exquisite pear bon bon with Ginger Spiced Pat's Granola. Each bite is decadent and makes you swoon. She also stocks Pat's Granola in her shop along with other local brands, which demonstrates her commitment to the community of local makers. We love this sweet collaboration!

Backattack Snacks

Ginger Spiced Pat’s Granola 

When we started production on Pat's Granola, the opportunity arose to partner with another local food company, Backattack Snacks. They produce a variety of flavored almonds, and we chose their pumpkin spiced almonds to pair with Ginger Spiced Pat's Granola. Its been a win win for this flavor which has become a customer favorite. Ginger Spiced is especially popular during the holidays and one of our customers remarked "it tastes just like Christmas morning." Thanks to owner Lauren Back for her ongoing collaboration with Pat's Granola. 

These opportunities to collaborate with other businesses have helped to expand our audiences as well as reach new customers, both locally and nationally. Sharing the stories of these collaborations has been especially gratifying for me. Always looking to collaborate with other makers…let me know if you know a business that might be a good fit.

The Small Business Development Corporation cites a number of reasons why collaborations work. Shopping Big in A Small Way

December has been a very busy time for a small business like Pat's Granola. Our local partners are stocked with product and we encourage you, if possible, to visit them (listed below) to pick up Pat's Granola as well as the products or services they offer as gifts. Appreciate you shopping with us!


Pat Bennett is the founder and President of Pat's Granola, a Cleveland based food and lifestyle company. Pat's Granola is sold online at www.patsgranola.com and is also available at selected Northeast Ohio businesses including:

Troubadour Coffee Roasters www.troubadourcoffeeroasters.com

Sports and Spine Physical Therapy www.sportspine.com

Locle Box www.loclebox.com

Made Cleveland www.madecleveland.com

Nature's Oasis Lakewood www.naturesoasis.com

Happy Cows Group Share Happy Cows Group Share 

Sweet Bean Candies Sweet Bean Candies

The Roaming Biscuit


The Corner at The Van Aken District The Corner at The Van Aken District 


Pat's October 29 appearance on New Day Cleveland

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