Detours Aren’t Always a Straight Line


Don't be afraid to
start over again.
This time you're
not starting from
scratch, you're
starting from

Five years ago I "officially" launched my food business. As those of you who've followed my journey know, it was almost three decades in the making. Those years taught me so much, as I worked full-time, cared for my family, taught college part-time and did volunteer work in the community. I was pretty much destined to follow a prescribed life until retirement.

But, fate has a wicked sense of humor. It was in my DNA before I even realized it. My father was an entrepreneur with his own dental practice and I watched him live his dream daily by caring for others. Wasn't always easy as he worked long hours, however, Dad managed his business most days with a smile. I remember him when times have been challenging and think "what would Dad do."  

Today, I’m grateful to have had the experience of a lifetime in starting a business from end to end. Honestly, I wish I’d done it sooner.

Businesses come and go, however, Pat's Granola has left an indelible heart print within me. As I transition into something new, I'll forever be grateful for what I've learned, the places the business has taken me and most importantly the people I've been so fortunate to know. Pat's has given me the gift of meeting strangers who've become my friends and community.

Stay tuned for what's coming next for me.

Peace and love, 




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