Pat's Story

Portrait of Pat Bennett

Pat sat down with Megan Apple of A Virtual Certainty to share some thoughts about the heart and soul of Pat's Granola.

What drove you to start Pat’s Granola?

I wanted to feed hungry people with good food.  I know how hard it is to be able to grab something healthy.  2020 made this even more critical.  All of us struggled in some way.  Our first responders, health care workers, parents homeschooling their children while working from home, and all of the other people who were on the front lines or sheltered in place.  We purposely packaged our granola as individual servings that can be put in your pocket or grabbed on the go.

You have mentioned your company as a calling.  Were there experiences growing up that contributed?

Yes, there were many.  I grew up in Queens, New York.  My father was a dentist who practiced in the community of Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn. My mother was a public school teacher who spent her career teaching elementary and junior high in southeast Queens.  As one of four children, one of whom is my twin sister, we lived modestly.

 Everyone in the neighborhood knew that if they needed a meal, to show up at our back door.  Mother would stretch the dinner and make sure everyone was fed.  I learned at an early age the importance of helping the community and having the community help you.  Whether it was through the local church or Girl Scout troop, neighbors helping neighbors was the standard practice

Your blog has fantastic recipes – and photographs!  Do you actually cook like that?

Absolutely.  Food is love and connection.  Good food, good company and good conversation is the best thing about sitting down at a table together.  Doing it in a healthy way is even better.  We all need more of that right now.

What are some of the values that drive your company?

We believe in the importance of healthy and nutritious food. At our core, we believe in family, relationships, and connection. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of healthy eaters by creating a community of likeminded people who believe food is fuel.  And it might as well taste good and be healthy. 

What are the values that drive you?

I have a manifesto that articulates my principles, intentions, and motives. My manifesto is my North Star, and guides everything I do:

  • I live in a state of gratitude for everything I have in my life. 
  • I meet each day with reverence for the opportunities it presents.
  • Living a life of optimum health, safety, having peace of mind and abundance, for myself, my family and the people I care about is a priority.
  • Creating a comfortable and sacred space at home is important to my peace of mind. The kitchen table is where I do my best work. It’s a place where my family and I gather to give thanks, share a meal and to collect our thoughts at the beginning and end of our days.
  • I strive to make the most of my talents, to be of service, to create value, and to give back to the world.
  • The food I create in my business was born out of love for making food that brings nourishment and joy to others.