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It may seem simple - we like chocolate because it tastes nice. But there's more to it than that - and it relates to a fat/carbohydrates balance that is set right from the very beginning of our lives. The Secret of Why We Like to Eat Chocolate

I’ve always loved chocolate ever since my Dad brought home chunks of Lofts chocolate from a little shop in Brooklyn. Our local neighborhood candy store stocked  rows and rows of chocolate candies, including Baby Ruth, Snickers, Nestles Crunch, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, Almond Joy, Raisinettes, M&M…the list could go on and on. One of my favorites was Chunky, because it had raisins and nuts. wonder I'm making granola with some of those ingredients. 

Chocolate love extends to brownies, s'mores and frozen chocolate covered banana pops.

Granola chocolate banana popsExtend my chocolate loving life to Peanut Butter Pat’s Granola which has been popular since its debut. Creating a granola with a beloved flavor was inspired by my son who loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a child. In fact he ate them almost every day during his elementary school years. Making something that incorporated nostalgic flavors of peanut butter and chocolate was truly a labor of love.

Eaten straight out of the bag, baked into cookies, sprinkled over ice cream and made into s’mores, it’s just plain delicious.

Pat’s Granola

Each batch is crunchalicious with chunks of gluten-free oats infused with peanut butter, spices, chocolate chips and peanuts. Fans of this flavor share they can't stop eating it! 

Roasted peanuts in Pat's Granola

Roasted peanuts in Peanut Butter Pat's Granola are an essential ingredient in what makes it especially delicious.

Pat’s Granola s’mores

Next time you’re making s’mores, include a generous handful of our Peanut Butter Pat’s Granola between those squishy layers of graham crackers, melted chocolate and marshmallow.

We recently started selling Pat’s Granola at Sweet Bean Candies in Cleveland. Owner Kristin Terrell Barnes offers handmade chocolates, bon bons and other treats out of a bright, light filled chocolate studio. Beautifully presented and almost too pretty to eat, these gems are a chocolate connoisseurs dream. Stop by the shop located on East 185 Street in the Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland. And they ship!

Sweet Bean Candies 

And let me take a moment to give a shoutout to my friend Carolina Martin of The Bom in Cleveland. Carolina and her husband Bill offer virtual truffle making classes. They ship participants a kit with everything they'll need to make truffles during a fun filled virtual class. It really is The Bom! Susan and I recently celebrated Mothers Day with Carolina and Penelope of Penelope Speaks French. We even played bingo in French! What a fun and unique way for family, friends or colleagues to get together. Think birthdays, employee appreciation, bridal showers or just because...

The Bom Truffle Making Parties


Pat Bennett is the founder and President of Pat's Granola, a Cleveland based food and lifestyle company.

Pat's Granola is sold online at and is also available at several Northeast Ohio businesses including:

Troubadour Coffee Roasters

Sports and Spine Physical Therapy

Local Flavors Shoppe

Rittman Orchards and Farm Market

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Locle Box

Made Cleveland

Mister Brisket

Nature's Oasis Lakewood

Happy Cows Group Share Happy Cows Group Share 

The Corner at The Van Aken District The Corner at The Van Aken District

Sweet Bean Candies Sweet Bean Candies


Hear Pat's story:

Food Founders Podcast or CLE Foodcast

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