Shine Your Light Post #3

Post #3

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." ~ Nelson Mandela

The idea seems simple. Almost too simple. Give other people light so they can shine too. Share information about their businesses within your networks--extend and broaden the reach so we can ALL be heard and supported.

Say hello to this weeks featured Shine Your Light 💡 businesses:

The Bake and Cafe biscuits

The Bake Shop and Cafe Enter the building on Superior where The Bake Shop is located and you might be thinking “where’s the food?” Step up to the counter and you’ll be greeted by Shawnda Moye or one of the friendly staff. Their claim to fame are heavenly biscuits, but don’t stop there. Simply delicious sandwiches, inhouse made salads, baked treats (love their cookies) and locally made products are there to entice you. Don't miss Fried Chicken Fridays! There’s even a cozy space to sit, enjoy your food and the overall good vibes this place has created.

Nepali Artisans

Nepali Artisans Every item in our collection is handmade by women artisans from marginalized communities in Nepal. We source these products from profit and non-profit organizations in Nepal who support these women by providing training and employment opportunities. We give back a portion of the proceeds to these artisans and local non-profit organizations in Ohio. Hope you will enjoy these handmade products while continuing to make a difference! ~ Arpan Shrestha, Founder Member


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Pat Bennett is the founder and President of Pat's Granola, a Cleveland based food and collaborative lifestyle brand. Pat's Granola is sold online at and is also available at select Northeast Ohio businesses including:

Troubadour Coffee Roasters

Sports and Spine Physical Therapy

Locle Box

Made Cleveland

Nature's Oasis Lakewood

Happy Cows Group Share Happy Cows Group Share 

Sweet Bean Candies Sweet Bean Candies

The Bake Shop and Cafe The Roaming Biscuit

Marketwagon NEO MarketWagon

The Corner The Corner at The Van Aken District 

NEW! Farmers Feast at BottleHouse Brewery & Meadery

NEW Heritage Coffee, Solon


Pat's October 29 appearance on New Day Cleveland

Learn Pats story:

Food Founders Podcast 

Launching a Granola Business at Age 61

Women's History Month Series curated by Made Cleveland




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